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Company Overview
BumbleBar is a brand of organic snack bars that are known for their emphasis on natural and sustainable ingredients. These bars are designed to be a healthier alternative to many traditional snack bars on the market. They have gained a following among individuals who are looking for convenient and nutritious snacks made with quality ingredients. BumbleBar started out making only snack bars but have expanded their product line to include other healthy snack products.
My Contributions
In late 2022, Liz, the founder and CEO of BumbleBar, reached out to me to help redesign various product packages, add new flavors and design sales materials for some of their core products such as their flagship BumbleBars, single-serve and bulk, and the smaller form factor that they called BumbleBites.
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BumbleBites pouches
2 months
The entire BumbleBar brand has a classic, authentic and timeless look. It appeals to their intended customer base and allows the products to stand out from the competition. The goal of the project was to stay true to the "farmers market" aesthetic, but keep the products looking fresh and appealing to todays audience. Much of the branding was already established, so my focus was on applying the existing brand elements in a way that is engaging but recognizable to existing fans of the brand. We adjusted some colors to bring the aesthetic a little more up-to-date, but still maintain the authenticity that the brand had already established over 27 years.
BumbleBar Amazing Almond bar wrapper


The BumbleBar is the flagship product that was introduced in 1995, additional flavors were added over the years and the wrapper saw various updates throughout that time. The updated wrapper design stays true to the history of the BumbleBar and hasn't changed very drastically since 2000. My job was to clean a few things up and make sure they were consistent with the packaging for their other products and form factors, and design a wrapper for a new flavor.

BumbleBar Chocolate Mint bar wrapperBumbleBar Lushus Lemon bar wrapperBumbleBar Chai Almond bar wrapperBumbleBar Chocolate Crisp bar wrapperBumbleBar Original Peanut bar wrapper


The BumbleBar cartons carry 10 BumbleBars and are designed in a way that allow them to be both a transportation box and a display box in one. The box has perforated marks that allow the box to be opened in a display format while keeping all of the important information visible. I was responsible for updating the existing cartons for consistency and adding one new flavor.

BumbleBar Chocolate Crisp bulk carton
BumbleBar Amazing Almond bulk cartonBumbleBar Original Peanut bulk cartonBumbleBar Chai Almond bulk cartonBumbleBar Chocolate Mint bulk cartonBumbleBar Lushus Lemon bulk carton
BumbleBites Chai Almond pouch


BumbleBites were a new product that BumbleBar was releasing. The goal was to keep the same overall brand aesthetic, but develop a new form factor that would work for the new smaller sized bars (called bites). We developed a pouch that could stand on its own but still feels like part of the BumbleBar brand.

BumbleBites Amazing Almond pouchBumbleBites Lushus Lemon pouchBumbleBites Chocolate Mint pouchBumbleBites Chocolate Crisp pouchBumbleBites Original Peanut pouch

Product Slicks

I also designed product slicks for the 3 product lines above which are commonly used in sales presentations, trade shows, meetings, and as leave-behinds after sales calls. They are double-sided promotional one-pagers that provide concise and visually appealing information about the different products offered by BumbleBar.

BumbleBar sales slicks


Packages updated
Packages designed
Product slicks designed

While working with BumbleBar, I updated 5 wrapper designs and 5 carton designs as well as developed a wrapper and carton for 1 new flavor along with 6 pouch designs for their new product, BumbleBites. I also developed 4 product slicks for all of the products under the BumbleBar umbrella.

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