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Company Overview
Chariot Cannabis Co. is a recreational cannabis producer located in Bellevue, Washington. Chariot was one of the first companies to get a production license in the state after cannabis was legalized in 2012.
My Contributions
The founders of Chariot approached me to help create an identity for their new company and design the packaging for their first line of products. The clients wanted the brand to have a high-end, timeless, classic scotch feeling to it. After kicking around a couple dozen name ideas, the name Chariot was decided and I began to develop out the brand.
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Chariot stationery
After deciding on the name "Chariot Cannabis Co.", the logo I developed leans on the chariot name by featuring a simple line drawing of a horse with two crescent moons on the top and bottom which resemble the wheels of a chariot being pulled by a horse and takes place of the "o" in Chariot. The wordmark uses strong, traditional serif letterforms that have a timeless feel, evoking that old world scotch aesthetic the founders were looking for.

One of the key branding elements is the red wax stamp paired with the metallic gold when possible, evoking a high class feeling. The stationery package is kept clean and minimal and the envelopes will be wax stamped when appropriate. One of the interesting aspects about wax stamps is that each and every seal is unique.
3 months
Chariot notebook of sketches
Chariot wax stamp
Chariot logo
Glass jar of cannabis packaging design

Jar Labels

The Chariot jars were designed to show off the high quality product, but have a recognizable and classy label. We decided to go with the over-the-top gold-stamped strap that doubled as a freshness seal as well. The front of the label contains the most important product information including the strain name, strain type, amount and is finished off with the Chariot logo. A unique red wax seal adorns the top of every jar and the back side of the label contains additional product information and legal notices.


Brand concepts
Packaging concept
Brand name ideas

While working with Chariot Cannabis Co., I provided dozens of name ideas, multiple logo concepts, packaging concepts, and a brand stationery package. Due to a power outage, the client unfortunately lost their entire first harvest and was ultimately the reason the company went under before any of the products could hit the market.

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