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Interactive streaming & sports betting SaaS
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Company Overview
PANDA Interactive is a tech company based out of Las Vegas that makes real-time betting solutions used by companies like USA Today SMG, FanDuel, iHeartRadio and others.
My Contributions
From it's inception, I led the design and front-end development for PANDA Interactive and it’s two premiere products, PANDA Studio and PANDA CUB. I designed 100's of GB of files, screens, pages, graphics and documents and art directed the creation of many others over 3 years of working on PANDA. I also did much of the front-end development for PANDA on the web.
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PANDA marketing websites
3 years
The goal of the PANDA brand was to keep it clean, simple and modern, but also feel progressive and cutting edge. The wordmark is made up of repeated simple geometric shapes. The eyes of the PANDA icon are taken from the "PA" in "PANDA", establishing a subtle cohesive connective thread that ties everything together.

Along with all of the branding, marketing materials, dashboard and fundraising materials, I also art directed, designed and helped code the front-end of the completely custom PANDA Interactive marketing website and individual sites for the two respective products, PANDA Studio and PANDA CUB.
PANDA logo construction
PANDA marketing website screens
Product logos for PANDA Studio and PANDA CUB
PANDA Studio logo badge

PANDA Studio

PANDA Studio is PANDA Interactive's flagship Watch & Bet platform that allows any sports media company that creates video content to create interactive experiences around that content and monetize it in innovative ways. PANDA Studio is made up of a video player channel, discovery portals, landing pages and a dashboard for managing everything. The video player, which can be a standalone page or embedded into an existing page, has various interactive elements including panels, overlays, sliders, tickers and more.

PANDA Studio user flows
PANDA Studio channel interface

Interactive Video Player

PANDA Studio is a streaming video tool built to be customized. Sometimes it’s used as a page on their website, other times PANDA Studio is embedded into their existing pages. It’s fully responsive and designed for viewers on any device.


I also designed and helped code the full-featured dashboard for PANDA Studio, which includes advanced analytics and is the home base for the client to upload, edit and monitor their content and experiences.

PANDA Studio dashboard interface
PANDA Studio visual editor interface

Visual Editor

At its core, PANDA Studio is essentially a website/page builder powered by patented technology. I designed and built the interface of the live editor. While most Studio clients elect to have us style their experiences, the Channel Editor, Landing Page Editor and Portal Editors are all available for clients that want more control.

Video Player Embed

PANDA Studio is built to be seamlessly embedded into existing webpages and news articles and work on all sized devices and browsers.

PANDA Studio embed interface
PANDA Studio portal interface

Discovery Portal

PANDA Studio is also built to easily roll out a "Netflix-style" browsing experience for all of the content in the video library, broken into categories with customizable sections and layouts.

LinkedIn Client Spotlights

Below are a selection of app screens and flows from the SportsCastr iOS App. The flows below aren't meant to be all-encompassing but are intended to give a broad view of a complex and full-featured live streaming app with various user groups.

MMAJunkie LinkedIn Client SpotlightThe Basketball League LinkedIn Client Spotlight
FanDuel LinkedIn Client SpotlightResorts Live LinkedIn Client Spotlight
World Putting League LinkedIn Client SpotlightUkrainian Premier League LinkedIn Client Spotlight
Props LinkedIn Client SpotlightiHeart Radio LinkedIn Client Spotlight
National Basketball League of Canada LinkedIn Client SpotlightOddsSeeker LinkedIn Client Spotlight
PANDA CUB logo badge


PANDA CUB is PANDA Interactive's AI-powered patent-pending technology that automatically scans articles for relevant keywords, such as team & player names, and enhances them with live odds and geo-targeted affiliate links from all major sportsbooks.

PANDA CUB user flows


PANDA CUB is built with support for various bet types (head-to-head, player props, etc.), images for all of the major teams and players, and advertising banners for fantasy betting affiliate monetization opportunities. Choose exactly how you want CUB to look on your site. From minimal to fully loaded, there’s something for everybody. Show real-time odds, upcoming opponents, trending arrows and a clickable tooltip on hover. CUB is designed to supplement your content, not take it over.

PANDA CUB interface
PANDA CUB Live Demo interface

Live Demo

I created a live demo on the PANDA CUB marketing site so potential clients could get a taste for what their version of CUB might look like. The live demo includes configurable settings such as the appearance of inline odds, tooltips, sportsbooks by state, bet types and how often CUB should be embedded in an article.

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