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Company Overview
Advantage Taxidermy is a taxidermy shop in Davenport, Washington owned by Chuck Berg (my dad) and Dave Hubbard (his business partner). The majority of their clientele comes from the Pacific Northwest, but they have clients located all over the United States.
My Contributions
I helped set them up with an updated logo that would look great on Signage, Hats, Sweatshirts, Window Decals, Business Cards, and more. I am also currently developing them an updated website that will act as a digital showroom for clients that can't make it to the taxidermy shop itself.
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Advantage Taxidermy Mug
6 years, on and off
One of the main aspects I kept in mind while designing the logo for Advantage Taxidermy was to ensure that the design would be something that people would want to wear. The word that kept coming up was badass. A design that hunters would want to sport on clothing or as a window decal on their truck.
Advantage Taxidermy notebook of sketches
Advantage Taxidermy coasters
Advantage Taxidermy logos


The Advantage Taxidermy logo features a deer skull and antlers "European mount" with the word Advantage arched behind the antlers in an "old west" style typeface. It also has Taxidermy behind the skull to form a cohesive design and fill up some negative space created on the sides by the skull. For scalability reasons, a careful amount of consideration was put into the amount of detail on the highlights, while trying to maintain the realism and depth that was intended.

Advantage Taxidermy t-shirt
Advantage Taxidermy hat
Advantage Taxidermy billboard
Advantage Taxidermy website transformation

New Webflow Website

The Advantage Taxidermy website was in need of a complete overhaul to bring it into the 21st century, establish a professional online presence, and stand out from their competitors. The new website was built with Webflow. The homepage now features a full responsive pricing table for pricing transparency for every kind of mount they offer.

Advantage Taxidermy website about us

About Us

An important part of the decision making process when hunters are selecting a taxidermist is the team behind the artwork and what they believe. For this reason, we put together a new about page with more information about the Advantage Taxidermy team and the core values they hold.

Gallery Page

One of the primary features for a company like Advantage Taxidermy is the ability to show off their work. I built is a beautiful gallery page that features three collections: finished pieces, behind-the-scenes shots around the shop, and community photos from friends and family of Advantage Taxidermy.

Advantage Taxidermy website gallery
Advantage Taxidermy website learn

Learn Page

I also developed a new Learn page where the Advantage Taxidermy team can include step-by-step instructions and best practices for their clients to prepare the animals for the taxidermy process if they can't get them to the Advantage Taxidermy team in time.

Contact Page

The only way to contact Advantage Taxidermy before the new website was to either call or send a message via Facebook. I built them a new contact page with a contact form that makes that process simpler.

Advantage Taxidermy website contact us


Brand elements
Merch concepts
Revamped website

Throughout my time working with Advantage Taxidermy, I designed the logo system, business cards, branded merch concepts, advertisements, signage, and built and launched a completely revamped website on Webflow. Since the website was launched, the Advantage Taxidermy team has received a substantial increase in inquiries and leads, resulting in additional clients and revenue along with a better user experience for prospective clients looking to get more information about their services.

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