Black Hatchet

Lifestyle brand inspired by the Pacific Northwest
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Company Overview
Black Hatchet is a Pacific Northwest-inspired clothing brand that I founded with Trent Petersen. Black Hatchet's goal is to provide beautifully designed pieces that allow you to take the spirit of the Pacific Northwest with you wherever you go on your journey.
My Contributions
Trent and I co-developed the entire Black Hatchet concept, logos, brand guidelines, and branded merchandise, among other things.
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Stack of weathered cards with Black Hatchet logo on front
The brand quickly came together once we landed on the Black Hatchet name and defined some of the traits we wanted associated with the brand: strong, rustic, bold, authentic, timeless. These helped guide us in the direction we wanted to take the Black Hatchet brand and found it resonated with the people we designed the products for.
4 months
Black Hatchet notebook of sketches
Black Hatchet t-shirt
Black Hatchet brand guide
Black Hatchet brand guide

Logo System

One of the aspects we wanted to integrate was a logo system. Essentially, a different take on a logo. Many designs that all have shared characteristics so that they still feel cohesive as different expressions of the Black Hatchet brand.

Black Hatchet logo system sketches
Black Hatchet poster

Hand-Drawn Authenticity

Trent also designed hand-drawn elements for the branding in a unique style that could be applied to any number of design elements. The hand-drawn style blends well with the rustic and raw nature of the Black Hatchet branding and adds a touch of authenticity to the brand.


Logos designed
Merch concepts
Sales materials

While working on Black Hatchet, I designed dozens of logos for the logo system, a brand guidelines document, branded merch concepts, posters, and sales materials. Ultimately, we were never able to take Black Hatchet to market due to our time availabilities at the time.

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